2nd - 4th September 2022

Archeological Walk

Walk 11

  • Sunday leaving at 9,00 am
  • Distance 15 km
  • Height gained 800 metres of ascent 

This walk on the Berwyn Mountains will visit several places of historical and acheological interest. It will take in the three main Berwyn peaks being Moel Sych, Cadir Berwyn and Cadair Bronwen but will also give a very detailed and interesting perspective on the ancient civilisations who lived and worshipped on these great mountains. Chris Jones a local and very experienced historian and walker will guide you throughout the day on this walk. Starting and finishing at Llandrillo this walk will get a different perspective on the mountains ascending them from the western flanks. This walk will be about 7 hours seeing the very best of the Berwyn but with local historical information to take in as well.